Instructors Rope Rescue Techniques Class

Presented by: Russ Born & Instructors

            This Train the Trainer course you will learn the methodology we utilize while teaching and why itís imperative to introduce techniques in a precise chronological order.  Through critical thinking we will constantly emphasize safety while applying serious scrutiny to techniques that may have major flaws and in the process, perhaps dispel some myths.  This course is intended to provide a greater understanding of safe, tested rope rescue techniques.  Students will be exposed to and familiarized with:


Classroom Theory
Evaluating Rescue Systems
Rigging Physics
Systems Testing
Calculating Safety Factors
Hands-on exercises shall include:
Intricacies of the Brake Bar Rack
Setting up Anchor Systems
Belay Techniques
Ascending Techniques
Understanding Mechanical Advantage Systems
Patient Littler Packaging
Self Rescue and Pick-off Techniques
Rescue Communications

            This course will be classroom, hands-on and classroom presentations by the students.  It is a 40 hour course and a certificate of completion will be received.

            Eligibility / Requirements:
                        NFPA Operations Level Rope Rescue or equivalent, Basic / Intermediate Rope Rescue Training.
                        Participants are required to bring gloves, boots and eye protection.
                        Vertical Reality will provide harnesses, carabiners, ascenders, descenders, pulleys, and rigging plates, anchor straps, webbing, helmets, litters, sked stretchers and ropes.

Instructor:  Russ Born 21 years teaching Rope Rescue Presenter at the North American Technical Rescue Symposium and International Technical Rescue Symposium Member of N. A. S. A. R., N. S. S. and a member of S. P. R. A. T.
The price of the class is $ 450.00 per person, Checks to be made payable to W. Born & Associates, Inc.
and mailed to:
5223 Bateson Drive ,   Thornville , Ohio 43076



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