Beginners Welcome, come with a desire to have fun, learn to: Rappel, ascend rope, climb, and or go through our tunnels. Play all day! Day Pass with rental equipment and safety class, good for the entire day! (Tax included):   $ 55.00 total

 Play all day with your own gear, day pass with your own equipment:                                                        $ 35.00

 Safety class (One time fee, first visit):                                                                                                       $  5.00

 Rental equipment package only: Package includes: Harness, descenders, gloves, climbing shoes, chalk bag, and caving helmet with light. (Tax included):                                                                                                               $ 20.00


If you do not have all your own gear, bring what you do have, individual items may be rented or purchased

at Vertical Reality.


Tired of going up the stairs, rent a rope walking system and walk back up the rope.  It is easy and fun, our staff will show you how:                                         $   4.00 per hour                                                              

 Special offer: If you are not sure if sliding down rope or climbing is your thing, try 2 climbs or 2 rappels or 1 climb and 1 rappel for :                                      $   12.00 per person

Group Rate: $   50.00 per person. ( Minimum of 12 people )

View from the top floor Free


*NOTE: We do not except Credit Cards*

Click Here for MINOR (Under 18) Waiver Form

Click Here for Adult (over 18) Waiver Form

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             You may use your own equipment,
but we must inspect it first. 

** Prices subject to change without notice. **

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