Rappel Master, Instructor Level

Tactical Rappelling and Rope Rescue Techniques for
Law Enforcement

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    This course is for Law Enforcement, Correctional, Military, Tactical SRT and SWAT personnel.
We understand when returning from a class you are usually ask to show your team members what you've learned.  We also realize how dangerous that can be, when things are taken (out-of-context) or are not shown in a precise chronological order.  For this reason this class is not limited to command personnel only, but to all team members, and instructors of tactical teams.  In this Train the Trainer, instructs course you will learn the methodology we utilize while teaching and why it's imperative to introduce techniques in a precise chronological order.

    Through critical thinking we will constantly emphasize Safety while applying serious scrutiny to techniques that may have some major design flaws, and in the process, perhaps dispel some old myths.
    This course is intended to provide SAFE, tested techniques presented with supervised guidance from experienced instructors, to enable that participant to safely instruct rappelling, ascending, lowering, hauling pulley systems, knot tying, setting up anchor systems, belaying, and use of rope in various tactical applications.

Other topics include:

Surveillance (placement of cameras and listening devices)
Window and skylight entries
Diversion tactics
Personnel / sniper placement
Rescue, wounded officer retrieval
Personal escape systems
Securing jumpers and rescue
Lowering ballistic shields
Hostage rescue
Animal snares, restraints
Equipment drags
Tying doors to eliminate barricade suspects from making a surprise charge
Low light discipline and silent operation



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